1. What types of fish does Pond Pro Baits work best for?

   Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Panfish, Crappie                                          

2. How long does a bag of Pond Pro Baits last?

    Because Pond Pro Baits are reusable, they can last for months

3. Can Pond Pro Baits be used in saltwater or only freshwater?

    Pond Pro Baits can be used in saltwater and freshwater 

4. Are Pond Pro Baits environmentally friendly?

    Yes, our baits are made with non-toxic materials, are scentless, and tasteless

5. How does Pond Pro Baits compare to other fish bait brands?

    Pond Pro Baits are extremely durable and virtually indestructible

6. Can Pond Pro Baits be used in colder water temperatures?

    Absolutely! You can use Pond Pro Baits year-round

7. What is the preferred method of application for Pond Pro Baits?

    Please check out our blog posts regarding rigging Scorn and Sqworms

8. Are Pond Pro Baits effective for catching larger fish?

   Yes! Since the smaller fish cannot get the bait off the hook, it gives larger fish the opportunity        to latch on

9. Are Pond Pro Baits safe for humans to handle?

   Yes, although non-toxic, they are not designed to be ingested

10. Can Pond Pro Baits be used in combination with other fishing lures or baits

   Yes, and in some applications it is recommended, such as a jig trailer