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Sqworms™️ - Cream Long Lasting Soft Plastics

Sqworms™️ - Cream Long Lasting Soft Plastics

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Worms are undoubtedly one of the most natural and reliable baits that you can use to catch trout, crappie, blue gill, bass and more. Natural worms however have one major drawback and that is you must buy them fresh and keep them alive if you have some left over after fishing.  Another drawback is a lot of premium water doesn't allow live bait.  Sqworms made from plastic are a great alternative and provide hours of fishing with little to no effort.

Our Plastic Sqworms for trout fishing however solve these logistical issues and mimic the colors of nature.  These cream Sqworms will not disappoint.  You can keep them in your tackle box ready for use at a moments notice and they have a pretty long shelf life so they can be bought in bulk long before you run out.

They can also be rigged up pretty easily so they can be a great way to introduce kids to fishing. 

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