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Sqworms™️ - Red Long Lasting Soft Plastics

Sqworms™️ - Red Long Lasting Soft Plastics

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The worm is likely the best and most well-known trout bait there is, but there are times when worms do not work as well as other baits.  This makes little red wiggler Sqworms the ideal choice for artificial worms.  Not to mention, our Pond Pro Sqworms are virtually indestructible and stay on the hook longer than similar baits.

Worms enter the rivers after rains, or during the nighttime by crawling along the ground or just under the ground and falling off the bank into the river.

The trout recognize worms as a large and nutritious food source that is easy to grab. This is why Sqworms are such great trout baits.

Pond Pro Sqworms will last through any cast.  Pond Pro Baits are the best alternative to natural bait and are scent free, tasteless, and indestructible; these baits can be used anywhere!  Let us help you catch the fish of a lifetime, over and over again!

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