The South Fork River Sign over the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Salem, AR

Fly Fishing the South Fork River in Salem, Arkansas: Using Pond Pro Sqworms

The South Fork River in Salem, Arkansas is a popular destination for fly fishermen looking for a challenge and a chance to catch some big fish. The river is home to a variety of fish species, including rainbow trout, brown trout, and smallmouth bass, making it a great place to test your skills and experiment with different techniques and flies.

Using Pond Pro Sqworms on the South Fork River

One of the most effective lures for fishing the South Fork River is the Pond Pro Sqworm. This soft plastic worm is designed to mimic the movements and appearance of real worms, making it an attractive option for fish that feed on invertebrates. Pond Pro Sqworms come in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the one that best matches the conditions and the type of fish you are targeting.

To use Pond Pro Sqworms, you will need to rig them onto a jighead or a hook. Jigheads are weighted hooks that allow you to sink the worm to the desired depth, making it easier to get in front of the fish. Hooks, on the other hand, provide more action and are better for fishing in shallow water. When rigging the worm, it is important to make sure that it is positioned correctly and that the hook or jighead is exposed.

Pond Pro, Tim Shannon, holding a red Sqworm on a Jighead

Once you have rigged your Pond Pro Sqworm, you can begin fishing by casting it out into the river and letting it sink to the bottom. From there, you can retrieve it slowly, twitching it occasionally to imitate the movements of a real worm. This technique is often effective in attracting fish, especially when you are fishing in deeper water.

If you are fishing in shallow water, you can also fish the Pond Pro Sqworm by casting it out and allowing it to drift with the current. This technique is particularly effective when fishing for smallmouth bass, as they are more likely to be found near the surface in shallower water.

No matter what technique you use, it is important to pay attention to the conditions of the river and to adjust your approach as needed. The South Fork River can be a challenging fishery, but with the right lure and the right technique, you can have a successful day on the water.

The Pond Pro Sqworm is a versatile and effective lure for fly fishing the South Fork River in Salem, Arkansas. Whether you are fishing for rainbow trout, brown trout, panfish, or smallmouth bass, this worm can help you catch more fish and have a great time on the water. So, don't hesitate to give it a try and see what you can catch!

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